Erdem İnanç

Software Developer

Tech Stack

  • Java 8 / Java EE
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Data JPA, Hibernate
  • Vue.js
  • Native Android Development
  • Kotlin
  • Python for Machine Learning

Works for Sabanci Univ Co-Space

MSc at Sabanci University

BSc at ITU

Lives in Istanbul


I have always liked making things, this became a professional career eventually.

I like turning ideas into software products. I started this journey by teaching myself programming with C and Python. Then Java. Eventually I received a master's degree after studying in Sabanci University, where I took advanced Java, frontend development, Pyhton, machine learning and big data processing lectures.

I am currently working as the manager of Collaboration Space in Sabanci University. Collaboration Space is a university makerspace, where users make, think, develop and learn together using software and equipment like 3D printers, virtual reality, laser cutter, CNC machines and so on.

Makerspaces are interdisciplinary environments, where I had the opportunity to be included in both hardware and software projects. I am lecturing introductory courses in Java and Python languages to both university and high school students.

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